Eniko Olah, Founder / Owner

Eniko was born in Eastern Europe and also spent her early adulthood there, where she was heavily influenced by the commonsense, no-waste frugality she saw in the less-developed parts of that region. She eventually spent 12 years working in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry for Fortune 500 companies. However after seeing all the waste created in the manufacturing, shipping, and consumption of everyday household products, and realizing there was only so much she could do to change it, she decided to leave and start her own business. To create a space where she could find everyday products for herself and her children that were healthy and not harmful to the environment. And to ultimately reinvent retail with a focus on sustainability.

Lin Hales, Co-Founder

Lin has lived in the Tampa Bay area her entire life and has been working as a Recreation Therapist for the VA hospital for over 10 years. Throughout the years, she has worked with a variety of nonprofits helping to support community causes primarily focused on the environment and inclusion. She strives to do her part, bringing people together to unite, educate, and empower for the greater good.

The Duo

Lin and Eniko met in 8th grade, in Tampa and the friendship grew over the years. Eniko left Tampa to attend college in Hungary and Lin spent her first college summer visiting, where the two explored Hungary, Holland, and Croatia.

Their friendship has stood strong over the years despite many moves around the world and short visits during Eniko’s vacations back to Tampa.

In 2018 Eniko moved back to Tampa Bay and shared her vision of Sans Market with Lin. It only made sense that the two would join forces taking each of their passions and personal strengths, one step further. It was a perfect pairing.