Attention Foodies!

  1. Tell your waiter/waitress ahead of time that you don’t want a plastic straw. “I’ll take a pink lemonade, no straw please”
  2. Picking up takeout? Tell them ahead of time to skip the handful of napkins and sauce packets (unless of course the sauce is the best part…No judgement here, we get it!).
  3. Get there a few minutes early and bring your own bag to have the food packed up in.
  4. Leave one of our handy utensil wraps in your car or purse/bookbag so you never have to use single use utensils, napkins, or a straw ever again!

Dirty Dishes?! Here’s your next soap swap.

Dish soap is an everyday essential in households across America and as a result we go through millions of plastic bottles every year, just in this item alone!  That is why dish soap was one of the first items we added to our bulk bar!

Now you can refill that disposable container, indefinitely. Worried about how well our plant-based formula works? We can confirm that it’s extra sudsy, unscented, and cuts through grease just as well as the leading brand names!

So you can feel good about having one less plastic item in your recycle bin, or worse, the trash. Cause let’s face it, all those bottles add up #bulkisbetter