The vision of Sans Market was to create a store that not only provided eco-friendly alternatives to replace single use plastics, excess packaging, and toxins but an opportunity to empower and educate. In the age of technology, product branding, and social media we are flooded with both information and (a lot of) misinformation daily. If you are like us, you know it can be hard to know what products and brands to trust.

We strive to lessen that burden for you. We never claim to be experts on every subject when it comes to zero waste. However, you can trust that countless hours are spent researching the products, companies, manufacturing practices and ingredient sourcing of the items we bring into the store. Just like you, we want to be sure the items we use come from companies that share our mission of sustainability, in all forms. We then take it one step further and aim to bring you options that are affordable. If we wouldn’t be willing to pay for an item at a certain price point, then we don’t expect you to either!

Aside from the retail side of Sans Market, we also strive to empower each other, our customers, and our community. This is achieved through our ongoing efforts to educate, advocate, and grow our community partnerships through grassroots collaborations. We encourage you to reach out; share your knowledge, your experience, and your questions. We may not have the answers, but we will explore the research with you.

We are on this journey together and we feel so fortunate to have each of you beside us for this adventure.