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  • Sampler Kit


    This RESABLE CLOTH SAMPLER includes:

    5 Facial Rounds
    6 Cloth Wipes and
    3 UNpaper® Towels

    Choose between mixed solids and mixed prints in drop-down menu.
    Each measures 12″x10″ and made from 100% cotton flannel, making them the perfect replacement for disposable paper towels. Our fun, bold prints and solids add a little fun to your daily household chores, and are a great addition to your eco-friendly household!

    Each measures 8″x7″ and made from 100% cotton flannel. Multi-functional wipes that can be used as napkins, tissues, toilet paper, washcloths, baby wipes, etc.

    These are 3″x3″ and 100% cotton flannel. These are great to replace cotton balls or facial rounds. Use them for your facial routine, first aid or baby care. Facial rounds are 2 ply.

    Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.

    Handmade by Marley’s Monsters in Eugene, Oregon.
    Made in United States

  • Scents + Energy Cleansers


    Time to chill…

    White sage bundles: Native Americans have used white sage for its medicinal properties for centuries. Sage offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that can promote overall health and relaxation.

    Palo Santo bundle (4 sticks): Sustainably harvested from felled trees, these palo santo sticks help clear energy as well as invoke healing. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration. Burn, baby, burn…

  • Shampoo Bars


    A natural shampoo specially formulated for summertime hair when the scalp becomes more oily, but the hair becomes drier as it is exposed to sun and wind–but we love it all year round! With a refreshing fragrance that is energizing and uplifting, yet soothing and relaxing. Imagine the crisp clean citrus floral scent of a wispy breeze passing through a citrus grove and a field of herbs and flowers.

    The ancient healing properties of Neem and Tea Tree Oils, known for their antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, can be helpful for dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

    With double the extra oils and butters of our soap bars, this is a buttery, super moisturizing, conditioning shampoo bar. This natural shampoo bar is enriched with organic cocoa, shea and mango butters which are protective emollients that penetrate deep to provide nourishment for the hair shaft. The lather is rich and creamy with the natural scent of cocoa butter.

    A natural shampoo bar enriched with moisturizing organic cocoa butter and coconut milk. Bamboo charcoal cleans, removes impurities and adsorbs excess oils without stripping hair of natural oils. Rosemary essential oil is one of the best oils for your hair; it controls dandruff, balances natural hair oils, promotes hair growth, and stimulates the scalp.

    PATCHOULI & BERGMOT:A great option for all hair types. Blue Mica, Red Mica, Bergamot Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil

    ROSEMARY MINT: A great option for all hair types. French Green Clay, Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oils.

  • Shave Soap


    Put an end to razor burn, bumps, and dry itchy skin with a plastic free shaving swap!

  • Silicone Baking Mat


    Perfect for the avid chef and baker. Use this baking mat to help keep food from sticking to your pans. We recommend not putting it in the dishwasher, but washing by hand. 16″ x 12″

  • Soap Dishes


    A draining soap dish significantly extends the life of a bar of soap – but did you know that you can also extend the life of your wood soap dish? Switch between 2 soap dishes every 2-3 weeks to extend their life – it allows the unused soap dish to completely dry before swapping them again.

  • Sponges


    UnSponges: No more funky sponges! These are made with scrap fabric, cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth. Simply toss in the washer and dryer and use again and again. Each UNSponge approx. 3″ x 4″. You will receive a set of 2 UnSponges. Please leave a note for preferred pattern/colors, we will do our best to accommodate, otherwise you will receive a random set.

    Loofah Sponge: Loofah Dish Sponges replace traditional foam and plastic sponges for dish washing and household cleaning. Made from loofah plants! The double layer loofah sponge is stiffer than the single layer but still softens in water. It has a cotton loop for hanging to dry. Comes in a 3-pack! Expands in size and softens in water to work like a typical dish sponge, but without the plastic waste. Use in the shower/bath or in the kitchen- truly multipurpose! Made from loofah plants with a cotton loop for hanging. 100% compostable.

    Coconut Sponge: made from natural coconut fiber and wood cellulose. 100% biodegradable

  • Stainless Steel 3 Blade Razor


    Meet our version of the modern razor—with a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every time.

    The Leaf Razor works with standard safety razor blades – all you do is snap them in half (while in the paper!) and load up to three half blades in to your Leaf Razor. For details on how to properly load, check out

    Each Leaf Razor comes with a 10-blade starter pack.

  • Stainless Steel 3 Blade Razor Stand


    Not only do these stands beautiful display your Leaf razor but they help assure the razor blades stay dry and sharp- making them last as long as possible!

  • Stainless Steel Butterfly Razor


    A single-blade stainless razor with 10 blades. Simply twist the bottom and the top opens like a butterfly. Load a single safety razor blade and twist to close tightly.

    Butterfly – basic: a budget friendly option (approx. length 3.5 inches)
    Butterfly – premium: a slightly heavier and longer handle for a more comfortable shaving experience (approx. length 3.75 inches)

  • Stainless Steel Razor Accessories


    Replacement blades available in 20 and 50 packs.

    Safely recycle your used blades by using the blade disposal tin until your next visit to Sans Market. Bring your used blades in and we will send them back to Leaf Razor for you to assure safe recycling!

  • Straw – Collapsible


    A collapsible stainless steel straw that you will never leave at home!

    You can unscrew this straw into two pieces and then collapse the two parts so that they fit into the leather pouch. Also includes a mini straw cleaner. The pouch has a keychain hook so you can clip this to your keys, purse, backpack etc and always have your straw when you need it.

    Pouch colors vary – please specify during checkout which color you prefer.