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  • Mascara


    Liquid mascara made with all natural ingredients. Glass vial with reducer and bamboo lid with spoolie packed in a cardboard box.

    – Vegan and cruelty free

    – 85% less plastic than traditional mascara

    – Paraben free

    – Fragrance free

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Stearic Acid, Carnauba Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Polysorbate 80, Cetearyl Alcohol, DL-Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, Iron Oxide (pigment), Phenoxyethanol, Capryl Glycol, Sorbic Acid

  • Menstrual Pad Wet Bag


    This wet bag is a must have when on the go! Store a clean back-up menstral pad in the pouch and then use it for the soiled pad while your hanging out around town.

  • Mesh Shopping Bag


    Great handled mesh bag for those farmer’s market days. They expand and fit way more than you would think! Available in plain cotton as well as a hand-dyed indigo option.

  • Nail Brush


    Work with your hands on the regular? Get squeaky clean without the plastic with this wood and sisal bristle nail brush. Bristles are made from agave plant and the handle is wood making this product vegan, sustainable, and compostable. What’s not to love? The bristles are the perfect balance of abrasiveness and softness, and it comes 2-sided for double the scrub power! A gardener’s dream!

    Sisal bristles and wood handle.

    Care Instructions: Store on a dry towel in between uses to allow bristles to drain and dry out. Never leave submerged in water as it will wear on the wood causing it to crack or may even cause the natural bristles to fall out. Wood is naturally antimicrobial, but if you need to clean your brush, clean with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria.

  • Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag


    Skip the packaging and save money by making your own nut milk at home!

    This GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag is perfect for making oat, almond, cashew, coconut milk, etc.

    Featuring a fine weave hemp cotton fabric with a thick cotton drawstring, this bag allows you to strain milk easily. You can even hang the bag to let it drain.

    It’s washable, reusable, and sustainably made under BSCI social compliance for quality working conditions and fair wages.

    Comes complete with a recipe card for both Oat Milk to get you started!

    Size: 12″x11″

  • Pet Shampoos + Rinses


    A pet shampoo bar makes bath time easier for you…and Rover! This easy to hold shampoo bar allows you to put soap where you need it, not just pour it on your babies back and try to spread it around with your hands. Get dirt out, create healthy skin and leave your pet with a super soft coat. Depending on the size of your dog, it could last over 50 washes!

    – The round bar makes it easier to clean those hard to reach places.
    – Wonderful thick and rich lather.
    – No pouring liquid into your hand to get the right amount.
    – Rinses easily.
    – Packaged in a small cardboard box, use for storage or recycle/compost it when done.

  • Pet Waste Bags


    Made from Mater-Bi, an innovative family of bioplastics derived from the starches of plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers

    Standard box contains 50 standard size pet waste bags (8″x11.4″).

    Large box contains 35 large size pet waste bags (9.8″ x 12.6″)

    Commercially Compostable at Facilities that Accept Pet Waste

  • Refill Containers – Aluminum


    Great aluminum containers for filling your bulk order or for any DIY products you might be making at home!

    Aluminum is also highly recyclable, so once it does reach it’s end of life it can go in the recycling bin (only the aluminum part).

    TINS (great for toothpaste powder, tablets, or travel amounts of lotion/sunscreen)
    Small Round Tin: fits approximately* 1 oz of liquid/powder
    Large Round Tin: fits approximately* 2 oz of liquid/powder

    PUMP BOTTLES (great for hand soap, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, or sunscreen)
    Small Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 4 oz of liquid
    Med Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 8 oz of liquid
    Large Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 16 oz of liquid
    (Pump top color might vary between black and white)

    SPRAY BOTTLES (great for room sprays, liquid hand sanitizers, etc)
    Small Spray Bottle: approximately 1.8 oz of liquid

    *Please note that we sell our bulk items based off of weight and different thickness/viscosity liquids have different weights so there might be some variation of how much product can fit in to the each container.

  • Refill Containers – Glass


    Glass containers available for purchase empty or match them with a refill product for us to fill for you!

  • Refillable Eye Shadow Palette


    Four vegan mineral eyeshadows in a paperboard palette with glass mirror. Three shimmers and one matte make this a great everyday palette.  Fragrance Free – Plastic Free

    We will be stocking the refills shortly.

    INGREDIENTS: Sericite Mica, Carnauba Wax, Zinc Oxide, Kaolinite, Magnesium Myristate, Zinc Stearate, Mica and/or Iron Oxides

  • Reusable Coffee Filters


    Ready to up your coffee game? These reusable coffee filters are made with 100% Organic Unbleached Linen and offer a solution to disposable or plastic filters. Cotton thread ensures a long life, and plastic free coffee experience. Reusable Coffee Filters – 2 pack.

    Made by Marley’s Monsters in Eugene, OR.

  • Reusable Ear Swab


    Say Goodbye to single use ear buds and hello to reusable ear buds!

    Ear Buds:
    Made with a bamboo handle and silicone tips you can use, wash, & reuse!
    Comes with 4 different tips for all uses

    Ear Buds are placed in individual slots in our bamboo container held together with a magnet on each end.
    Case is perfect size for any pocket, purse, travel bag, ect!