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  • Refill Containers – Aluminum


    Great aluminum containers for filling your bulk order or for any DIY products you might be making at home!

    Aluminum is also highly recyclable, so once it does reach it’s end of life it can go in the recycling bin (only the aluminum part).

    TINS (great for toothpaste powder, tablets, or travel amounts of lotion/sunscreen)
    Small Round Tin: fits approximately* 1 oz of liquid/powder
    Large Round Tin: fits approximately* 2 oz of liquid/powder

    PUMP BOTTLES (great for hand soap, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, or sunscreen)
    Small Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 4 oz of liquid
    Med Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 8 oz of liquid
    Large Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 16 oz of liquid
    (Pump top color might vary between black and white)

    SPRAY BOTTLES (great for room sprays, liquid hand sanitizers, etc)
    Small Spray Bottle: approximately 1.8 oz of liquid

    *Please note that we sell our bulk items based off of weight and different thickness/viscosity liquids have different weights so there might be some variation of how much product can fit in to the each container.

  • Refill Containers – Glass


    Glass containers available for purchase empty or match them with a refill product for us to fill for you!

  • Reusable Coffee Filters


    Ready to up your coffee game? These reusable coffee filters are made with 100% Organic Unbleached Linen and offer a solution to disposable or plastic filters. Cotton thread ensures a long life, and plastic free coffee experience. Reusable Coffee Filters – 2 pack.

    Made by Marley’s Monsters in Eugene, OR.

  • Reusable Ear Swab


    Say Goodbye to single use ear buds and hello to reusable ear buds!

    Ear Buds:
    Made with a bamboo handle and silicone tips you can use, wash, & reuse!
    Comes with 4 different tips for all uses

    Ear Buds are placed in individual slots in our bamboo container held together with a magnet on each end.
    Case is perfect size for any pocket, purse, travel bag, ect!

  • Reusable Menstrual Pads


    Reusable pads can be great for light days or if you have occasional leaking while using a menstrual cup.

    1. After use, rinse out as much fluid as you can
    2. Soak in cold water, if desired, to help prevent staining. Use the presoak function on your washing machine, or soak in a covered rust-proof container. Change soaking water daily.
    3. Machine wash cold using a natural detergent and tumble dry low or line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. You may hand wash pads if desired.
    4. Remove pads from dryer promptly and store flat to eliminate wrinkling; use cool iron if desired. Store your pads in a clean, dry place until next use.

    Avoid using detergents that include fabric softeners or whiteners as these can inhibit the absorbency of your cloth pads. We do not recommend the use of castille soap, facial soap, or other soaps not intended for textile laundering. Excess detergent may lead to buid up, which can limit the absorbency of your cloth pads.

    A note about staining: Rinsing out your pads will help reduce staining. However, light staining does not indicate that your laundered cloth pads are not clean or sanitary!

  • Scents + Energy Cleansers


    Time to chill…

    White sage bundles: Native Americans have used white sage for its medicinal properties for centuries. Sage offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that can promote overall health and relaxation.

    Palo Santo bundle (4 sticks): Sustainably harvested from felled trees, these palo santo sticks help clear energy as well as invoke healing. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration. Burn, baby, burn…

  • Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Mist


    A texturizing hair mist made with fluffy Fleur de Sel salt, argan and aloe – beautiful tousled waves in under a minute that are never stiff or unflattering.

    *Fleur de Sel salt, mined from evaporated sea water in France, is the ultimate game changer. Fluffy and soft with just the right amount of tack to hold in tousled waves without over drying or coating strands.

    *Intoxicating patchouli + natural vanilla antilles will have you on compliment overload. This cozy and seductive blend is perfect for nights out on the town and day trips alike.

    *Argan oil, high in vitamin E and antioxidants, is amazing for taming frizz and smoothing out ends. Argan’s high amount of natural fatty acids also helps to repair dryness in the long run!

    *Aloe (packed with proteolytic enzymes) and rose water help to balance and restore PH in your locks. Leaving your hair shiny, soft all white promoting hair growth and conditioning your strands.

  • Shampoo Bars


    The ancient healing properties of Neem and Tea Tree Oils, known for their antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, can be helpful for dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

    With double the extra oils and butters of our soap bars, this is a buttery, super moisturizing, conditioning shampoo bar. This natural shampoo bar is enriched with organic cocoa, shea and mango butters which are protective emollients that penetrate deep to provide nourishment for the hair shaft. The lather is rich and creamy with the natural scent of cocoa butter.

    A natural shampoo bar enriched with moisturizing organic cocoa butter and coconut milk. Bamboo charcoal cleans, removes impurities and adsorbs excess oils without stripping hair of natural oils. Rosemary essential oil is one of the best oils for your hair; it controls dandruff, balances natural hair oils, promotes hair growth, and stimulates the scalp.

    PATCHOULI & BERGMOT:A great option for all hair types. Blue Mica, Red Mica, Bergamot Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil

    ROSEMARY MINT: A great option for all hair types. French Green Clay, Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oils.

  • Shave Soap


    Put an end to razor burn, bumps, and dry itchy skin with a plastic free shaving swap!

  • Silicone Baking Mat


    Perfect for the avid chef and baker. Use this baking mat to help keep food from sticking to your pans. We recommend not putting it in the dishwasher, but washing by hand. 16″ x 12″

  • Soap Dishes


    A draining soap dish significantly extends the life of a bar of soap – but did you know that you can also extend the life of your wood soap dish? Switch between 2 soap dishes every 2-3 weeks to extend their life – it allows the unused soap dish to completely dry before swapping them again.

  • Sponges


    UnSponges: No more funky sponges! These are made with scrap fabric, cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth. Simply toss in the washer and dryer and use again and again. Each UNSponge approx. 3″ x 4″. You will receive a set of 2 UnSponges. Please leave a note for preferred pattern/colors, we will do our best to accommodate, otherwise you will receive a random set.

    Loofah Sponge: Loofah Dish Sponges replace traditional foam and plastic sponges for dish washing and household cleaning. Made from loofah plants! The double layer loofah sponge is stiffer than the single layer but still softens in water. It has a cotton loop for hanging to dry. Comes in a 3-pack! Expands in size and softens in water to work like a typical dish sponge, but without the plastic waste. Use in the shower/bath or in the kitchen- truly multipurpose! Made from loofah plants with a cotton loop for hanging. 100% compostable.

    Coconut Sponge: made from natural coconut fiber and wood cellulose. 100% biodegradable