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  • Bulk Bags – Canvas


    These 100% organic cotton bags are perfect for your weekly stops at the morning market and produce stand.

    Available in 3 sizes and each have the bag’s tare weight preprinted on the label.

    Small: 6in x 8in
    Medium: 8in x 12in
    Large: 12in x 16in

  • Free Donated Refill Containes


    Our incredible customers have donated bottles and jars for others to fill for free! If you’re looking to buy bulk products but don’t want to purchase a container, select this option so we can fill it in an up-cycled container. Donated jars are sanitized and ready to fill with a bulk product of your choosing!

  • Glass – Spray Bottle


    16 oz, spray bottle

  • Refill Containers – Aluminum


    Great aluminum containers for filling your bulk order or for any DIY products you might be making at home!

    Aluminum is also highly recyclable, so once it does reach it’s end of life it can go in the recycling bin (only the aluminum part).

    TINS (great for toothpaste powder, tablets, or travel amounts of lotion/sunscreen)
    Small Round Tin: fits approximately* 1 oz of liquid/powder
    Large Round Tin: fits approximately* 2 oz of liquid/powder

    PUMP BOTTLES (great for hand soap, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, or sunscreen)
    Small Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 4 oz of liquid
    Med Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 8 oz of liquid
    Large Pump Bottle: fits approximately* 16 oz of liquid
    (Pump top color might vary between black and white)

    SPRAY BOTTLES (great for room sprays, liquid hand sanitizers, etc)
    Small Spray Bottle: approximately 1.8 oz of liquid

    *Please note that we sell our bulk items based off of weight and different thickness/viscosity liquids have different weights so there might be some variation of how much product can fit in to the each container.

  • Refill Containers – Glass


    Glass containers available for purchase empty or match them with a refill product for us to fill for you!