About Us

Eniko Olah


Eniko was born in Hungary. Her family emigrated to the United States when she was a child, but some of the key values of Eastern Europe stayed with her throughout life. Values such as frugality and rejecting the idea of ‘waste’. She ended up traveling the world during her college years, getting an MBA, and working for world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies. Although she was ‘successful’, she wasn’t happy. She saw firsthand how much waste was created in the manufacturing, shipping, and usage of everyday household items. At first she tried to change things from inside of these giant companies. But ultimately profits rule Corporate America, and so she decided to leave to find a better way. A healthier way. A more sustainable way.

And so Sans Market was born…

Lin Hales


Lin graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Recreation Therapy and Psychology and has a Masters in Public Health. She has worked for the VA hospital for over 10 yrs, helping Veterans engage in meaningful leisure pursuits that enrich their lives through community reintegration and adaptive sports. Lin has lived in the Tampa Bay area her entire life and has been volunteering to support community causes and nonprofits, primarily focused on the environment and inclusion. She strives to do her part, bringing people together to unite, educate, and empower for the greater good. Her friendship with Eniko dates back 20 years, so when the opportunity to join forces with her best friend and take her her passions one step further, it was a perfect pairing.

Location 1037 Central Ave, St. Petersburg FL 33705 Phone 7276449505 E-mail info@sans.market Hours Hours: Mon 10a-5p; Tues-Wed 10a-6p; Thur-Sat 10a-7p; Sun 10a-6p
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